Happy Birthday, Doctor Who!

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Cooking and Composition

If you’ve been checking my blog lately, you’ve seen that I haven’t posted much lately. . .or been working on my novel much, either. The truth is it has been a bad few days for writing.

Today has only been marginally better. I’ve written 981 words today, with the hopes of doing some more. I only need to write like 800 something words a day, so I am still on track to finish in plenty of time.

I’m honestly surprised I got much work done today at all, considering all my excitement about the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who.

I might have DVR-ed it even though I was watching it. And I might have cried a lot.

I also wore this super cool t-shirt I bought just for the occasion.

Save the Day!It says ”Hello Sweetie” and it’s pretty awesome.

I also painted my nails this pretty pink color and used…

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